Change is a Good Thing (But it is Uncomfortable)

Well, it seems to be that time again in our house. We have been in one place too long, and it is time to move on. ‘Tis the life of a coach’s family. Throughout our 8+ year marriage, we have lived in MD, PA, NC, and now FL. The difference is that this time, we will be selling our first home and taking our 18 month old with us. NC has been very good to us, and we have grown a lot since we’ve moved here. We both turned 30, bought a house, and expanded our family to include a sweet baby boy. All of those things mean that we have connected ourselves to our surroundings. That in itself is progress, as we have not always put forth the effort to do that. While being connected makes it tough to leave somewhere you love, one of the few constant themes in life is change, and it is a good thing.

Change gives way to growth, opportunities, and adventures. Personal growth comes from rising to new challenges and demands, which will be readily available when living in a new environment. Opportunities are presented on a daily basis, whether it is putting yourself out there to find new friends, getting settled into the duties of a new job, or finding a new church home or mom’s group. One of the best things that come with a new location means new geographical areas to explore. Adventure is a personal favorite of mine.

That being said, change is hard. Once the excitement of the new surroundings wears off, what is left? Oftentimes, it can be feeling of loneliness, isolation, a strong desire for the old environment, concerns over finances (because moving costs take a long time to go away), and feelings of being overwhelmed with the task of cultivating a new village and support system. One thing we have learned through all of our moves is the importance of building a network. It is so important to surround yourself with friends and people who genuinely care. That can take time, but it is better done sooner rather than later. Find a few people that you can invite over for dinner, or better yet, invite you over for dinner. Go to a Sunday school group at church, a mom’s group, or an exercise class and start talking to people. The opportunities are endless, they just require courage and showing up. I’m speaking to myself here, as this will soon be our current reality.

The next task at hand is packing up the house. Thankfully, the house sold quickly. It was a bittersweet feeling, as it is hard to think of someone else making your home their home. That feeling was slightly reduced when we found a house we liked in FL. Now there is something exciting to be looking forward to! Painting walls, planting plants, home projects, re-organization, all of these things really excite me! Now, if we can just close on two houses quickly (ha!). A few boxes here and a few boxes there leads to lots of boxes pretty quickly, so I just have to keep my nose to the grind. One of the things about being a coach’s wife is that these jobs require the coach to start work pretty quickly. Therefore, when one gets a new coaching job, the spouse and family often stay behind to finish out the school year and get the house packed up and sold. That is my current project, and I can do it :).

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