So You Want to Move Out of State?

As previously documented, my husband works in college athletics. Therefore, we move more frequently than the average family. Even though we have moved 6 times through 4 states in 8 years, it never seems to get more routine. Each move is different, and each move has its own unique set of challenges. This time, we are going from NC to FL, selling a house, and buying a house. It is also the busiest time of year at work for my husband, and we have a 18 month old! This will be our toughest move thus far, but we can do it! Here is what we have learned about moving during our nomadic marriage thus far.

  • Know Your Timeline – This is essential. Once you can figure out your moving dates, you can build the rest of your packing schedule around it. A hard date also serves as a major motivator (at least for me!). 
  • Trim the Fat when Packing – IE, get rid of stuff. This gives me a small high (ha!) every time I do it. It just feels so good to declutter the house! I’m sure most people are somewhat familiar with the trendiness of decluttering, and for good reason! We live in a time of astonishing excess, and controlling how much we let into our homes is a worthy pursuit. After all, possessions do not lead to happiness. Now, this can be done in a variety of ways. Excess stuff can be trashed, sold, or donated, which brings me to my next bullet point:
  • Have a Yard Sale – What a great way to put some extra $$ in your pocket! After you have discerningly decluttered the house, take a hard look at the excess and decide what could actually be sold. When in doubt, put it out! You never know what someone else might value. More on this in my next post.
  • Start to Pack – Ugh. No one likes packing. The only upsides that I see are 1) you get to rediscover stuff you forgot you had, memories, etc. 2) decluttering 3) free workout opportunities. The rest is all just a pain. I have discovered that packing the hidden things first is the best way to go. Closets are deceiving in that we usually think there is not much inside them. Wrong. Closets are always full, and they take forever to pack. Once the closets are done, you can see everything else you need to pack (outside the kitchen), and you can do that bit by bit and feel encouraged as you see things disappear. 
  • Line up Moving Help Early – Find every person you know that is both strong and reliable, and give them a call (ha!). Really though, line up your help early. Whether that is friends or professional movers, know how you are getting stuff moved into the truck with plenty of advanced notice. It’s not fun to have a lot of stuff to move without any help. The further out you can plan, the more time you have to adapt if a friend/mover is unable to help. I personally cannot speak to the experience of using professional movers, as we have always been able to call family and friends (thankfully). Finally, if you have friends and family help, buy them food. Moving is hard work, and food is a small way to show your gratitude. 
  • POD vs Moving Truck – if you have time to move, look at the benefits of using a POD vs. a moving truck. Using a POD will allow for more relaxed packing and traveling, as they will drop it off and then deliver it for you. Moving trucks typically give you 3-4 days to pack the truck, drive it to the new location, and then unpack the truck. Now, PODs are more expensive, but you can keep it onsite and pack/unpack for a few days or weeks, and you will not have to drive a moving truck on your own. For us, this is hardly a deal breaker, but some people may feel otherwise. The downside of the POD is that you may have to wait for your stuff, as they typically take it to one of their own storage sites prior to delivering it to your new location. Full disclosure, we have never used a POD, but we have wanted to so badly! We have just always had to move quickly.

Do you have any thoughts on how to make the moving process any easier?

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