Laughter of a precious child

Dances softly on the breeze

Oh, to recall life of ease

And the freedom to run wild

A thunderous engine roars

So loud I can feel the sound

Its tires chew up the ground

As the pedal meets the floor

Chirping birds in the morning

Sound the start to a new day

If only this calm would stay

But the to-dos are forming

Thunder rolls in the distance

Reminds us how small we are

Fearsome storms come from afar

To challenge Earth’s resistance

Choirs singing their harmonies

Sends chills traveling down my spine

Many unique voices align

I’ll listen than accompany

Crickets sing their evening song

When summertime has arrived

Youthful spirits are revived

While lightening bugs blink along

Light raindrops fall while I sleep

Giving a backdrop of sound

Bringing water to dry ground

And whisking me to dreams deep

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