Little Boy

Little boy can hop

Little boy can run

Little boy is always

Looking for some fun 

Wild boy is fast

Wild boy is brave

Wild boy listen now

And please don’t misbehave 

Sweet boy gives snuggies

Sweet boy gives cuddles

Sweet boy can turn 

His mama’s heart to a puddle

Loud boy can scream

Loud boy can roar

Loud boy keep it down

They can hear you next door

Hungry boy will stuff himself

Hungry boy wants more

Hungry boy will eat through

This house, home, and store

Silly boy likes to laugh

Silly boy likes to giggle

Silly boy loves to shriek

As well as stomp and wiggle

Smart boy is watchful

Smart boy loves to read

Smart boy thinks creatively

To get whatever he needs

Kind boy offers help

Kind boy will share

Kind boy will give a hug

To show how much he cares

Tough boy falls down

Tough boy gets back up

Tough boy tests the limits

And pushes all his luck

Strong boy can lift

Strong boy can shove

Strong boy you are

A great gift from above

Sleepy boy is dozing

Sleepy boy wants to read

Sleepy boy fights so hard as

“Again” he drowsily pleads

Little boy is a blessing

Little boy is a treasure

Little boy in our hearts

Your worth is beyond measure

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