Motherhood Is

…a responsibility that forces us to grow

beyond the walls or boundaries we know


…full of joyful moments that warm the heart,

as well as times that tear it apart


…a role that requires great courage and wit,

and wise discernment when applying it


…something that makes time shift its gears

to lengthen days and shorten years


…a confusing assortment of intense feelings

that in a brief moment send us reeling


…easy on some days and harder on others

which isn’t unusual when involving another


…an upgrade in life that escapes mere words

that are often said but are rarely heard


…a lesson in sacrifice right from the start

managing the strain is our work of art


…exhausting in a way that can’t be described

yet these babies are our joy and pride


…cup filling, smile bringing, hug giving love

each child is a precious gift sent from above


…something to be cherished and thankful for

this priceless role is one I’ll forever adore

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