Seven Simple Ways to Fight Boredom At Home

Summer has officially arrived, and normally, we get to celebrate the freedom and opportunities that come with this new season. This year looks a little different, yes, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t still enjoy ourselves. The warmest season of the year is always full of fun, sunburns, and time spent in the great outdoors. Throw in a vacation or weekend trip here and there, and you have yourself a recipe for a memorable summer.

This can also be a time where kids and families tend to feel bored, as their days are not rigidly structured like they are other times of the year. When you factor in the national quarantines and extra time spent at home recently, these feelings will undoubtedly be compounded this year. Being a natural homebody, this does not affect me as much as it does my husband. I am quite content to be at home most days, that is, until I’m not. When I hit that point, mama has to go for a car ride at the very least, otherwise, it’s just not a good thing (ha)!

When I have to be at home, but I am bored or just fed up with the day to day, these seven things are my go-to boredom busters.

  • Gardening — This is such a fun hobby, and it is really rewarding. I currently prefer growing flowers as opposed to vegetables, but both are enjoyable. Kids love to help with gardening, so it is an easy family activity (win, win). Growing a good garden takes time and effort, and this can be exactly what is needed to entertain you while you are bored. With all of the required mulching, pruning, planting, watering, feeding, etc., gardening is never done, but you do get to a point where you are able to enjoy the fruits of your labor, and that is wonderful.
  • Playing Outside with the Family — Outside play encompasses many things, whether it is throwing a frisbee, drawing with chalk, playing basketball, running through the sprinkler, or looking at bugs. The joy that it brings kids (both big and little) is very rewarding. A lot can be learned from simply observing the environment around your home. An added bonus is that it gives the kiddos an opportunity to run and get their energy out. That, my friends, is a parenting win.
  • Walking the Neighborhood — Going on long walks is a favorite activity of mine, especially around the neighborhood. It is very convenient, and it’s a great way to get some exercise. An added bonus is that you get to know your neighbors. Since everyone tends to spend so much time inside these days, it’s a really good thing to get out into the open air and 1) move your body, and 2) talk to some other people. Also, kids love this too.
  • Reading Outside — Reading is such an under-appreciated activity. It transports you to another world in another time, and it can teach you things that you don’t know. Time spent reading is not wasted, unlike watching TV or surfing the internet. Grab a book, and head outdoors. Whether it is on a porch, in a park, or in your yard, outside reading is just so peaceful.
  • Clean Cluttered Areas In the House — While maybe not the most fun activity in the world, it’s time well spent. If we are feeling the tug of boredom, there is no reason not to tackle the projects that are hanging around in the back of our mind. You’ll probably find things to donate or throw away, which will make the re-organization process easier. You will thank yourself later when you revisit that space again.
  • Exercise Outside — Some people consider exercise fun, and some don’t. However, it’s more fun outside. There is more room to move, and the occasional fresh breeze is very refreshing. That it, unless you live in Florida. There are no refreshing breezes to be found here (ha)! Exercise is necessary for our overall health, and it helps us to sleep better at night. Running, jumping rope, walking, playing a sport, or bodyweight resisted exercises are all great options to get yourself moving while avoiding boredom.
  • Washing the Car — I love cleaning the cars on my own. This was something that I grew up doing, and I still don’t see the need to pay $7 for a machine to do something I can easily do myself. I’ll also do a much better job. There’s nothing like driving around town in a freshly cleaned car, and it’s an even better feeling when you do it yourself. Need to fill up an afternoon? Go detail your car. You won’t regret it.

There you have it — my list of things to do when you start to feel the tug of boredom. I hope you can find something helpful from this list, and happy summer to everyone!

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