Kindness Towards Strangers

I don’t have too much to say today, but I do have a thought that is of value: we are all in this together. Kindness is still worthwhile and relevant. People that don’t have anything in common can still be kind to each other, regardless of what the nightly news says.

We have experienced this truth in our own neighborhood in recent weeks. Our neighborhood bears have resurfaced (sigh), and many of our neighbors went far out of their way to warn us about them, as our family frequently plays outside and/or goes for walks.

Numerous total strangers rang our doorbell to make sure we knew about the lurking dangers. It was really sweet, and it was a lesson in expecting the positive when interacting with people you may not know.

We’ve had a few really positive interactions with strangers over the last few weeks, and it’s been really encouraging to see. In these times of inequality, injustice, unrest, fear, uncertainty, and frustration, people are still people. Neighbors are still neighbors, and friends are still friends. Showing a little care, compassion, concern, patience, understanding, and love will always go a long way.

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