A Work Worth Doing

I came across this blog the other day, and it was so inspiring to me! As a stay at home parent (or parent in general), a lot of days can look the same. Running a house while keeping the people in it fed and clean is a lot more time consuming than it sounds. At the end of the day, I often reflect on what I accomplished, and I usually feel like I did not get much done. Keeping up with everything can sometimes feel like an exercise in futility (ha)!

Even so, there is absolutely no where else I’d rather be. Getting to stay home with our little kiddo has been the biggest blessing. It just feels so right for our family. We get to train him and teach him exactly as we see fit, and we don’t have to miss a moment with him. An added bonus is that life is so much less complicated when there is only one work schedule to negotiate. As a result, we get a lot more time together as a family.

God made some to work inside the home, some to work outside the home, and some to do both. For me, working at home to provide a safe, clean, comfortable, warm, food filled place for my family is a blessing. I may not always look at it that way, but my varying attitude does not change this reality.

Serving others is a good thing. Counting myself as less important than those around me is a good thing. Working is a good thing, especially when the work is as meaningful and important work raising a family.

In the words of the author of the original blog post, “This morning His mercies are new, and I thank Him for the work He has given me. A work that exhausts and exhilarates me. A work that is not for this life only, but will last forever. A work worth doing.”

I highly recommend reading the original post — it’s full of truth and encouragement!

I collapsed into bed last night, truly feeling like I didn’t have one ounce of energy left in me. It had been a great day, but filled with the normal…

a work worth doing

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